PROJECT: The Best Guitar Lessons
DATE: 7-27-13
CONTACT: Deven DeCoste


The purpose of The Best Guitar Lessons (BGL) is to teach my own generation how to play guitar in a time efficient manner and share my own views on current events surrounding the guitar and music community. The primary focus of the site will be on developing beginning guitar players into intermediate players through text and images. I hope to soon evolve toward providing video lessons. What will provide the primary content structure, the meat, of the site will be the blogroll.

The blogroll is to be updated at least twice a week. This section will discuss the latest releases from leading guitar companies, tour announcements for bands popular for my audience, (related) pop culture news and any other topic along those lines.

The primary audience of The Best Guitar Lessons are 18-24 year old males. Most of whom are self-taught guitarists. About one quarter of BGL’s readers fit into that audience. The majority also live in the United States and speak English. Behind the U.S. is Mexico, with about 3% of our fan base.

Our audience is influenced by professional looking graphics as well as content. Additionally, confidence in your service without the “used car salesperson” approach is a powerful tool. Social media plays a strong role in the actions of my audience. Most in the age range don’t watch CNN or NBC every night so most of their news is coming from their Twitter or FaceBook feeds.

This is why it is important to build a strong following across the social media spectrum, constantly gaining followers on FaceBook, Twitter and Google+. This is all done with no overhead, so free marketing methods are always encouraged. BGL gains 100% of its traffic entirely from free marketing methods and will continue to build on those methods.


Primary Audience: Anyone who is passionate about learning guitar quickly or staying up to date with guitar news.

Secondary Audience: Anyone who has been struggling to try to teach themselves how to play guitar. They find themselves wanting to give up learning frequently. The Best Guitar Lessons wants to ease that frustration and provide easy to follow lessons.

  • Build a mailing list
  • Get regular users who visit the site weekly
  • Have people sharing my lessons on social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+ & StumbleUpon)


Confusion - I want people asking me questions, really understanding the material. Their questions open others up for questions and the chain begins. A praise on a lesson here and there is great but I aim to teach and “nice lesson” almost implies you already knew what I just said. 

  • Mailing list sign ups
  • Comments/Questions
  • Sharing of Posts

  • Significantly larger competitor sites out there with millions more in overhead funding.
  • Busy lifestyle makes regular updates difficult
  • No funds to hire on additional help

Competitor URLs


Though still speaking as an authority, BGL provides its news in a friendly, and open manner. Unlike other sites where the author and editor of a single post are different people and leaving a comment will be unlikely to get you a response from either of them. At BGL we aim to openly communicate with our audience frequently.


Primary: The Best Guitar Lessons offers easy to understand lessons a news with an approachable staff. While focusing on the improvement of its readers playing, BGL also aims to make sure its readers are also comfortable asking questions.
Secondary: We are not Rolling Stone. Come hang out.

  • Experienced
  • Enthusiastic
  • Educated
  • Informed
  • Comfortable
  • Friendly
(That’s a lot of ‘E words’, isn’t it?)


The Best Guitar Lessons aims to have a minimum of 60 posts by 2014. Currently, BGL has 27 posts between the blogroll and lessons.

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